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Your BEST Investment is in your Health We Recommend the things we USE too. :)
The Food Supply does NOT have all we need these days Supplementation is important for Quality Health!

Rain Soul Miracle
Power is in the Seeds!
New Rain Fused Coffee too.

  Be Happier,
Calmer, Focused

& get the Best Nights Sleep without the use of Drugs!

Its source is from the "Miracle of Life"

Optimal nutrition for body, 
it gives your stem cells
nutrition to rebuild

and rejuvenate themselves.
Amazing Benefits for Pets too!
The Happy Pill > Laminine

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Updated - 06-24-2016

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natural health store

Country Health Store - 503-353-8968
Laminine, Rain Soul, PhytoZon, Ionyte,
Healthy Coffees, FitLine, Neu-BeCalm'd,
Trimma, IasoTea Detox, BodyDrive, Pain?
Healthy Chocolate, LiteBurn, Purium,
Weight Loss Coffee, Libido Enhancers, etc.

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 90% Absorption unlike anything we have ever seen in the industry!

The FitLine and BeautyLine products are manufactured with the exclusive
Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC), always carrying nutrients
to the place they are needed, exactly when they are needed
 - to the cellular level, from inside and out.

Brief Overview:                                                                                                                                         
German company - known for innovative science & engineering
                23 years old and >            • Privately owned
Operating in 40 countries >            • 30 with distribution offices.
Over $300 million in sales annually
            Debt free                            • 97% Bio-available!
Experts in Beauty and Health Products
Over 43 patents (an average of 2-3 per product)
All products are on the Cologne List (safe & dope free products) and is
the ONLY company that is authorized to use the Cologne List Certification Seal

All products are made in GMP Certified manufacturing facilities.
• Over 100 professional and Olympic athletes use the FitLine products.
A major contributor to World Vision (Building a better world for children)

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